Wedding Decoration Tips

So exactly how many paper lanterns will you need to decorate your venue?

Depending on the kind of venue, and what you like, you can scatter your wedding decoration paper lanterns over the ceiling or place them in clusters at different positions on the ceiling, such as over the happy couple or over the dessert buffet.

Should you want to hang your lanterns all over your ceiling, we recommend you place 2 lanterns at every 32 square feet. You can adjust what you feel is right for your big day, and what will fit into your budget. You can also use your lanterns to highlight the main features, such as tables, the dance floor, and so on, this will give you a better idea on exactly many lanterns you need to have.

Another good idea to stringing fine twine along the center of your wedding tent or venue, and then mix and match colors which marry in with your wedding theme. Put a small hook on each piece to attach the paper lanterns, this way it will be much easier for you to hang them from the central twine.

As far as what size of paper lantern you should use, that is entirely down to personal choice, however, if your venue has high ceilings, then you will need bigger paper lanterns. And if your ceilings are lower, go with a smaller size, around 14’’ or less.

If you only want to decorate a couple of strategic places in your wedding venue, then try concentrating your lanterns and group them tightly, this will give you a nice effect.

If you would like to find out more about our wedding decoration service, and how we can make your day even more special, call The Beauty Box Boutique in Hollister, CA today on (831) 217-4151.

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